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Lodwar, Kenya

Bridging gaps for development in Turkana

There is a pressing need to empower girls and women in pastoralist communities in Turkana and its environs. Many individuals, particularly in the region, face challenges in reaching key resources due to factors such as limited awareness or financial constraints. Addressing these needs involves proactive measures, community-level engagement, and a commitment to social and economic empowerment. We are therefore seeking to alleviate poverty, instigate social change, and enhance the participation of youth in community development, to contribute to a more inclusive and equitable society.

About APIR

Building resilience in emergencies

The challenges of poverty, illiteracy, HIV/AIDS, conflicts, and more disproportionately affect girls, women, and children. APIR TURKANA is committed to viewing these challenges as emergencies and actively working to build socio-economic resilience. Through focused efforts, we aim to empower the community to overcome obstacles like inadequate access to health services, education, and social amenities. Our mission is to foster a more resilient and thriving Turkana.

Our Contribution

APIR exists to address drivers of socioeconomic inequalities through programming in the areas of:

Social protection
Sustainable health outcomes in far-to-reach areas targeting girls, women, youth, and children ( Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR), Health and nutrition, Gender-based violence and violence against girls and women, education (ECDE), education support, contributory transfers in cash and in-kind, child rescue services, integration, and reintegration, HIV/AIDS, child protection and safeguarding and women protection.
Data-driven advocacy on GBV, PSEA, and education and health in emergencies), Human rights development through mainstreamed gender development and enhanced capacities in advocacy and social accountability (Constitutionalism, civic education, human rights and democracy)
Socio-economic empowerment
empowerment: through advancing women’s rights, youth empowerment and skills development, employability skills, green energy, technical education, and commitment to household economic strengthening.