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Lodwar, Kenya

Who we are

Agile Plan to Integrated Resilience for Girls, Women, and Youth (APIR-TURKANA) is a Ken-ya’s local impact non-profit charitable organization founded on the principle of social-eco-nomic empowerment of girls, women and youth to create self-reliance and foster resil-ience. It was founded in 2004 as a CBO, through growth and increase in scope transitioned to APIR TURKANA in 2017. APIR TUR-KANA responds to socioeco-nomic challenges of people in a readily challenge-domiciled en-vironment and cannot defend themselves from any protection concerns.

We have defined these chal-lenges as emergencies because they have persistently lived with the people while disrupting their socioeconomic growth. APIR TURKANA defines an emergency as anything that impedes social development in the twenty-first century, including poverty, illiteracy, HIV/AIDS, conflicts, droughts, poor access to health services and rights, poor access to quality education opportunities, harmful traditional norms and practices, lifestyle diseases, poor access to social amenities, infant and young child diseases, poor access to legal services among many others.

APIR is non-partisan, non-racial and non-sectarian working among the poor particularly girls and women to alleviate poverty, bring about social change and socially empowering youth to enhance their participation in community development. Our works target marginalized and minority community individuals and organized groups that are perceived to be the most vulnerable members of the society. We therefore strive to work by empowering them to attain minimum living condi-tions, livelihoods and worth society.

In pursuit for a legacy in gender equity, Equality, Resilience, and participation
To inspire lasting solutions to gender participation for Equity and Equality by promoting Equal access and personal agency
Driving Lasting Change