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Lodwar, Kenya

Our Theory of Change

Equity and Equality
All our programs aim to facilitate and promote equity and equality through gender development lens, grounded on human rights-based approaches, core humanitarian standards, gender-mainstreamed approaches and community-led processes. We are cognizant that women’s space has to be recognized in leadership, human rights, and service delivery and promoted in community actions.
APIR envisions participatory community processes, and in an acceptable situation, women and youth-led. We envision sup-porting the all-time participation of women, girls, and youth in all community processes and interventions, including democratic processes, governance, leadership, community work, and development works.
While girls, women, and youth are largely victims and survivors, APIR works with development actors to address the root causes of emergencies. As such, we focus on improved low-tech community-led recovery inter-ventions. we are keen on recov-ery and supporting interventions that improve personal agency of Girls.