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Lodwar, Kenya

Core Values

1. Partnership

We work with, and not for our program participants. We inculcate transparency, considered decisions, and humanity among them to see empowered communities. Embrace honesty and transparency with our partners in partnership has made us understand the power of working together. We board with others to ensure we are partakers of lasting change for communities and posterity. We work with governments (Police, judiciary and administrators, county departments), children (boys and Girls) Civil societies (Faith-based organizations, community groups, and private sector), academia, UN bodies, private sector, and financial institutions.

2. Responsibility

We believe in accountability and transparency. We account for all our actions, resources, and targeted individual community members while we foster to create a positive change. We are inspired by trust and upheld integrity. We consider responsive programming and a focused development agenda and this has always inspired our drive to create everlasting positive breakthroughs.

3. Compassionate

We are committed to creating positive community breakthroughs. We work with deprived girls, women, and youth, and our care, love, fundamental human respect, support, and mutual working are what we embrace to reduce shocked groups of interest from becoming troubled. We couple hope, and build their future together.

4. Respect

We exercise respect for those, who cannot pay it us, yes, our program participants are girls, youth, and women. We live, practice, and ensure we protect respect at all times. We commit to respecting their opinions, culture, environment, and traditions. We value the worth of our partners and communities, honor diversity and difference, and ensure we practice the Golden Rule, respect being a fundamental human virtue.

5. Accountability and Transparency
We are accountable to the financiers of our programs, program participants, and the authorities in place. We account for resources, people, actions, and any harm and risks. We inculcate a culture of transparency in processes within the organization and community.

6. Integrity

We uphold program and staff integrity, while we ensure that our actions can be validated with integrity. We purposely collaborate in pursuit of truth and have no tolerance for politics, hidden agendas, or passive-aggressive behavior in the processes and outcomes.

7. Human Dignity

We integrate a human rights-based approach in all interventions. We respect and dignify all human virtues and values. We have comprehensive social protection policies and procedures to protect the weak and we ensure their dignity is upheld.

8. Commitment

We are committed to bringing social change while enhancing the participation of victims and survivors.

9. Equity

We envision a community in which the people we work with have received and are served with social justice. We believe that the things and basic needs they should receive are fulfilled.

10. Inclusiveness

True excellence requires that all our departments and programs are able to work and learn in an atmosphere of respect, dignity, and acceptance. Our commitment to promoting inclusiveness has continually made us ensure respectful interactions, protect democracy, and inspire a community of people of love and cohesion unconditionally.